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Energy Efficiency

How to use energy and resources efficiently is no longer a minor issue, but a topical concern for enterprises today. Optimizing energy efficiency allows for a “win-win situation”: you save money and save the environment!

Energy Management DIN EN ISO 50001

The energy consumption of your business can be made transparent through the use of an energy management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001. It cuts your energy costs – not just for one month, but for long term – whilst increasing the energy efficiency rate and cost effectiveness of your company.

Furthermore, it is obligatory to install an energy management system in order to obtain different types of official financial assistance (for example funding for renewable energy sources, electricity and other energy tax reliefs). The energy management system guarantees that all of your company’s usages are systematically recorded, from which we can design strategies for saving both energy and money.

What are the benefits of installing an energy management system?

1. Financial benefits: you can save money on utility bills by saving energy via different methods, including more efficient production routines and clearer distribution, made possible by greater awareness of how energy is used.

2. Tax refund: you can make use of the different opportunities to claim a relief or reimbursement (SpaEfV, BesAR, StromStG, EnergieStG).

3. You will fulfil legal requirements and obligations set in accordance with the EDL-G (Law on Energy Services and other Energy Efficiency Measures).

4. You can achieve a positive corporate image by being environmentally friendly.

What we can do for you:

  • Personal consulting services
  • Help and guidance during installation of DIN 50001
  • Documentation preparation
  • Assistance with the preparation and revision of certification

Alternative System

The alternative system listed in the SpaEfV permits Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) to approach energy management systematically.

Energy usage within an organization will be recorded and assessed, saving potentials will be calculated – a sustainable energy cost reduction can then become reality. In this respect it is not dissimilar from an ISO 50001 certified energy management system, for it is required as an evidence to apply for electricity or energy tax refund or participate in the Special Equalization Scheme to reduce renewables surcharges.

Our services related to the alternative system:

  • Examination and analysis of the current energy source
  • Examination and analysis of energy-consuming facilities and equipments
  • Assessment of energy-saving potentials
  • Report, communication and joint decision making with the management board
  • Papework preparation
  • Preparation and revision of test trials

Energy Audit DIN 16247-1

An energy audit following the guidelines under DIN 16247-1 is a systematic inventory of how and how much energy is consumed.

Moreover, an audit can uncover saving potentials for an enterprise and suggest corresponding measures that will continually improve energy efficiency and reduce energy costs. The audit will be helpful for companies of any size to reach higher energy efficiency rates.
A regulated energy audit has been compulsory for all businesses that are not Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) since 2015. The EDL-G (Law on Energy Services and other Energy Efficiency Measures) also requires that an audit should be repeated once every four years after the date of the first audit.
These legal regulations are implemented under the goal set by the EU Energy Efficiency Directive to increase energy efficiency by 20% by 2020.

We will support you through every step of an energy audit:

  • Consultation on government financial assistance
  • Undertaking the audit (data recording, on-site audit, energy usage analysis, evaluation of energy-saving potentials, audit reports)
  • Strategic consultation for your energy projects
  • Consultation on installation and adaptation of energy-saving measures

Energy Monitoring

You can get an overview of your installations’ energy consumption by using our energy monitoring services. Different energy media can be recorded and evaluated, and you will receive a clear assessment of your energy usage.

  • Dynamic facility monitoring system to control efficiency
  • Success rate monitoring for energy-saving measures and benchmarking for equipments and processes
  • Automatic status and monthly report with indices and charts
  • Assistance with installing energy management systems

Bad Karlshafen GmbH
Prof. Dr. Bernd Schabbing, CEO
“Kilowatthandel AG has analyzed our energy demand and has recommended installing cogeneration facilities to improve our efficiency. From checking the bills, making tenders with a contract partner to delivering negotiations and installing new facilities, it was all in safe hands.”

Mercateo AG
Frank Weigelt, Legal Department
“Kilowatthandel AG has performed audits in accordance with DIN 16247 in all of our sites throughout the country. We were delighted by the quality of the audits as well as the team’s professional and modern approach.”

Sponsored Project Einsparzähler

What is the pilot program Einsparzähler?

  • Pilot program initiated by BMWi (Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy)
  • Real time visualization of individual energy consumption using smart meters
  • Smart meters guarantee that your energy costs can be constantly monitored
  • Funded digital networking
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