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We promise to find you the best-fit energy supplier.

Energy Purchasing

We offer expert consulting services and a full range of strategies to optimize energy costs.

Consulting Services


If your company’s electricity, gas and district heating consumption has seen a continuous increase in recent years, it may be the right time to find a new energy supplier that suits you the best.

as independent energy broker, you will save time and make a bigger profit.


  • We examine your contract conditions, utility bills and time slots for purchasing.
  • We find out which contract validity period is the best for you.
  • We help you answer the key question: should you generate your own power or purchase from an external source?
  • We check your bills, identify mistakes and discuss the issues with the energy supplier for you.
  • We discuss with you whether your company should purchase energy for direct usage.
  • We promise to find a unique and best-fit purchasing model for you.

District Heating Contract Negotiation

If you would like to reduce the bills on district heating, Kilowatthandel AG can negotiate the best contract for your company. We will take care of the whole procedure for you – from making preliminary market analyses to negotiating energy prices to reviewing and executing the contract.

  • Negotiation of existing contracts
  • Examination and adaptation of technical conditions
  • Heat sources inspection and calculations
  • Review of alternative heating sources
  • Cost-effectiveness analysis for combined heat and power systems

Electricity and Gas Tenders

Since 1998, we have helped numerous clients to reduce energy costs through successful negotiations of electricity and gas contracts. By first analyzing each company’s individual electricity and gas demand, we can negotiate with suppliers the contracts and conditions that are the most fitting with the company’s unique consumption pattern. We also introduce our clients to the full range of purchasing strategies, may it be the classic fixed package, structured purchasing, or combined models.

Our mission is not just to find the cheapest energy supplier – rather, we strive to find the most suitable supplier based on your company’s needs and consumption model.


  • Comparison of different purchasing strategies and concepts (e.g.: structured purchasing or standard contracts with fixed prices)
  • Tender offers across Germany
  • Customer-oriented, personalized, independent
  • Bundled contracts for clients with more than 500 connection points – management services included

Public Tenders

Since the liberalization of energy markets, clients from the public sector can purchase energy from a supplier of their choice. This undoubtedly provides greater scope for negotiation as well as cost-saving potentials.

…(General Provisions for the Award of Performance Contracts), an extensive specialized knowledge is required for the preparation, tendering and management of energy supply contracts. Kilowatthandel is here to support public sector clients with their energy purchase and management.

Kilowatthandel boasts of a comprehensive and insightful overview of the market, years of experience in negotiating energy contracts, as well as specialized knowledge in the energy industry. This is how we maintain the efficiency of our service, just as we strive to optimize the efficiency of your energy consumption.

Business associations

What else can trade unions do for their members apart from lobbying? It is certainly a good idea to speak with us and discover our range of offers.

…and seal bundled business deals, thereby helping union members to reduce costs significantly, for we can obtain a better discount rate with a greater number of clients. By being our partner, you will enjoy financial benefits today just as in the future – and not only with regards to gas, electricity and district heating but also vehicles contracts. Furthermore, please do not hesitate to contact us concerning special contracts and special purchasing quantities for union members.

H. & E. Reinert Westfälische Privat-Fleischerei GmbH
Volker Jurgeleit, Purchasing Officer
“For many years Kilowatthandel AG has been giving us precious advice on energy purchasing in all of Reinert’s branches. Everything is perfectly taken care of from the initial stages, where tenders are made and negotiation strategies are set, to follow-up consulting services after signing the contract.”