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Find out how to cut your energy bills through tax and surcharge exemption.

Cost Optimization

Our cost-saving strategies go far beyond choosing the right energy supplier: we give advice beyond the first step and make inspections. We are not merely specialized in purchasing; we are also familiar with new legal regulations and agreements, so we can always suggest the optimal solution for our clients.

Individualized Distribution Charges

If a company’s peak electricity demand does not lie within the power peak window of its distribution network operator (DNO), it is eligible for a reduction of distribution charges under certain conditions in accordance with § 19 of StromNEV.

By relieving the load on the grid, enterprises may receive individualized distribution charges.
We can undertake annual inspections for you as well as complete the paperwork needed for an application.

  • Inspection of electric load patterns – do they meet the criteria?
  • Notifying the Bundesnetzagentur (Federal Network Agency for Electricity, Gas, Telecommunications, Post and Railway)
  • Transaction and agreement with DNOs
  • Actual data submission to the Bundesnetzagentur
  • Advice on how to adapt patterns of consumption

Electricity and Energy Taxes

Enterprises in the manufacturing, industrial or lumber industries have various opportunities to obtain a refund of electricity tax and energy taxes for natural gas and fuel oil (see §§ 9 a, 9 b and 10 StromStG as well as §§ 51, 54 and 55 EnergieStG).

Talk to us if you would like to know which type of tax refund your company can apply for. We will calculate for you whether it is financially beneficial to install an energy management system – which, please note, is a requirement for tax refund application as indicated by §§ 10 and 55.

This is what we can do for you: we examine and calculate your savings, make the applications within designated times and help you to maintain correspondence with the Hauptzollamt (Central Customs Authority). We will oversee the entire process until the sum is deposited into your bank account.

We will also remind you and offer assistance whenever you need to register and report the current status. Everything is in our hands!

Monitoring Price Brakes

Companies that want to receive more than € 150,000 per month at one point of delivery or € 2 million within the scope of the energy price brakes in the group of companies must go through an application procedure for this. We check the application requirements for you and accompany you throughout the entire application process.

  • Checking the requirements for the respective levels
  • Determination of the maximum reimbursement amounts
  • Support in the preparation of the application documents
  • Cooperation with auditors and lawyers
  • Communication with the energy suppliers and the audit authority

Healthcare Sector: Supplier Status

Clinics, hospitals and care homes are not eligible for sales tax deduction! You can however obtain financial benefits by becoming an energy supplier. We will design a tailor-made business model for you and undertake all the necessary steps!

  • We optimize your energy costs by making use of all legal opportunities offered to institutions which are not eligible for sales tax deduction.
  • We draw up an individual strategy, fill in the required documents for application at the Hauptzollamt (Central Customs Authority) and accompany you throughout the conversion process.
  • We explain the adjustments to your energy retailers.
  • We help you to access and use the EEG-Portal.
  • We correspond with the transition system operators on behalf of you.
  • We monitor deadlines and undertake the obligatory registrations at designated times.

Financial Support for Installation Costs

For all new connections, there will be framework conditions in place that regulate the grid’s available capacity for your company. These can be optimized and adapted based on your company’s unique conditions of connection. Just leave these tasks in our capable hands!

  • Maximal load calculation
  • Review of contract offers from distribution network operators (DNOs)
  • Communication with DNOs
  • Negotiations of connection contracts

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