The green way forward.

Discover the unlimited potentials of generating clean energy.

Energy Transition

Germany’s energy transition towards clean energy is no longer a vague plan on paper. The transition is already happening and we are getting closer and closer to our goals every day. We are here to support you, point you towards the many available opportunities and offer professional guidance throughout the changes.

Our services include:

  • Installing smart meters and building digital energy management systems
  • Increasing the flexibility of energy consumption in order to take advantage of price volatility or special distribution charges
  • Reviewing your options for generating own energy for electricity and heating: solar power or cogeneration?
  • Inspection of energy storage solutions
  • Conversion to electromobility (e-mobility)

How are these measures related to the energy transition? The answer is simple: today, electricity is generated whenever it is needed. Yet in a world that is dependent solely on renewable energy, electricity can only be generated when there is sufficient sunshine or wind. In other words, there will be no electricity in a quiet, windless night.

Generate Your Own Power

Your energy bills do not simply include the wholesale costs of electricity or gas alone, but also distribution charges, taxes and other surcharges such as heating costs. For a company that cannot take advantage of the official tax breaks, generating your own electricity from renewable energy sources can be a wonderful cost-saving alternative.

  • We inspect your patterns of power usage and evaluate how power generators may be installed or adapted for direct usage.
  • We design strategies that fit your existing facilities.
  • We give advice on choosing the suitable source of energy generation (e.g.: solar power, combined heat and power systems).
  • We calculate the cost effectiveness for the project.
  • We look for offers and make negotiations with suppliers.


Electromobility is more than the conversion of internal combustion engine to electric motors in cars. Apart from being a car per se, electric cars all have a large battery storage. These have already been offered as energy reserves for power suppliers in a pioneering field trial in California. It is further foreseeable that electric cars of the future can be automatically driven to charging and discharging stations.
However this also places significant challenges before us, as the essential infrastructure must be further developed.

  • Types of funding for e-mobility
  • Points to be aware of when building charging stations and converting a vehicle fleet
  • How automatic cars may impact or benefit your business
  • Use of an energy store within the charging station

Smart Meter

As part of the initiative to digitalize the energy transition, it is required by law to adapt all meters to smart meters. How can a company benefit from this conversion?

  • Choice of meter operator
  • Efficiency software integration
  • How to produce useful statistics and set up online monitoring systems for main energy-consuming devices
  • Benchmarking within the company and subsequent approaches to optimization

Energy Storage

Embarking on the energy transition without an energy storage is just like sailing without a motor. After all, the wind will stop blowing and the sun does not shine all the time. It is worthwhile to consider installing your company’s own storage device.

  • Suitable dimensions and ratings of storage devices
  • Positive side effects of using storage technologies (exploitation of negative prices on the spot market, extension of standby power generators, participation in the balancing energy market, protection against market fluctuations)
  • Combination of stationary storage devices and e-mobility in the future

Towards a more flexible consumption

A company will only be able to take full advantage of the energy transition when it is prepared to increase the flexibility of its energy consumption. Today, electricity prices are already very volatile due to weather changes, and it will fluctuate even more with the extension of wind parks and solar panels.

On a sunny, windy day, more than 100% of Germany’s power demand can be generated from renewable energy sources. Electricity prices then drop to zero – in extreme cases, consumers may even get money for using electricity!

You can make a profit from energy price fluctuations by shifting your nighttime usages to daytime, so that you are using more electricity than planned in the hours of low energy prices.

This is how we can help:

  • We perform energy audits to record all the relevant usages and together we can identify which of these usages can be made more flexible.
  • We help you to design a recording system with smart meters and to set up everything you need for an intelligent operation.
  • Together we will prepare everything for a fully automatic operating system based on weather data, amounts of electricity generated and the predicted price fluctuations.

Please allow us to design an integrated and intelligent energy matrix for you which considers different options of generating, storing or purchasing energy as well as controlling usage – we promise to equip you with everything you need for tomorrow’s energy market!