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We are here to offer personalised support in all sectors of the new, liberalized energy market, may it be purchasing energy, reducing taxes and surchages, or improving energy efficiency.

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Kilowatthandel AG has been serving energy users with competence and passion since 1998. As a leading independent energy broker, our services cover all branches of today’s liberalized energy market, including energy purchasing, tax and surcharge reduction, and energy efficiency optimization.

We are fully equipped with resources – market sectors, client groups, distribution channels – because we only believe in clear objectives and we promise to deliver swift negotiations.

Are you still looking for an energy supplier for next year? Or are you hoping to make a long-term energy consumption plan? Have a chat with us if you have any ideas, aims or queries. We will help you save money and keep the prices transparent and fair for you.

Count on us!

We are your partner.

Our expertise at your service

We help you to make profit in the market and advise you on: 

  • the best timing to purchase energy
  • different purchasing models
  • different contract conditions

We can save time as well as money for you:

  • we carry out research on relevant energy suppliers
  • we take care of lengthy negotiations
  • we check your contracts

Connecting today and the future

We power the change.

Professional - Independent - Competent

Your expectations generate our passion

Our team delivers nothing less than specialized knowledge, precision and bespoke solutions. A simple but dedicated approach: we cultivate committed, personal relationships with our clients.

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Current Vacancies

  • Junior Project Manager

    You will be working independently on complex topics and representing the company on anything related to your project.

  • External Sales (Rhein/Ruhr)

    You will be in charge of sales in the region, establishing new clientale and sharing interests in today’s energy market.

  • Internal Sales (Telephone Marketing)

    You will be contacting prospective customers through B2B marketing and cooperate with the sales team to establish new business relationships.

  • Office Manager and Specialist in Energy Taxes

    You will be managing our office and helping our clients to apply for energy taxes and surchages exemption.

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Would you like to reduce electricity and gas costs in your business or industry? Do you have questions or uncertainties? Let us know! We are happy to receive any messages, queries or suggestions.